Avis Caravello Attorney Search Consultants is pleased to announce the placement of 15 Boies, Schiller & Flexner partners with King & Spalding in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Quyen Ta, head of Boise Schiller’s San Francisco office will be joining King & Spalding in San Francisco. The departing group in Los Angeles includes David Willingham, co-managing partner of the Los Angeles office and executive committee member along with Albert Giang, Luan Tran, Michael Roth, Eric Pettit, Jeanne Fugate, Arwen Johnson, Julia Bredrup, Kelly Perigoe, Michael Leslie, Craig Bessenger and Lennette Lee. Christopher Caldwell, also co-head in Los Angeles and Jefferey Hammer are expected to join their colleagues at King & Spalding in the near future.

The move will nearly double the number of King & Spalding partners in the Los Angeles office; up from 18 to 33 partners.

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